Imago Clinical Training


You will learn a new model of couplehood and valuable, transformative skills. Through this new relational lens, you will help to restore a safe connection in relationships where conflict and rupture are chronic.

To become a certified Imago Relationship Therapist and be eligible for clinical membership in Imago Relationships International (IRI), you will need to:

  • Attend all 12 eight-hour days of the Basic Clinical Training and complete all course requirements, including 4 supervision days.
  • Complete all 4 days of the supervision sessions.
  • Present video samples demonstrating your use of IRT with couples and receive a positive evaluation from your trainer.
  • Assist at a "Getting the Love You Want" Couples Workshop within one year of course completion.
  • Hold a degree in a mental health field to be a certified Imago therapist or become an Imago Educator.


Ramona, CA

(Online until the end of the Covid-19 quarantine.)


In person: 9:00am-5:30pm each day.

(Times adjusted when the training is online. Video recorded lectures to be viewed before class.)


There are a few hotels in Ramona and many others within 30 minutes in Poway or Escondido. Priceline and are helpful sites. Put in the zip code 92065. There are also a few Airbnb's in the area. If you need specifics, please let me know.


It's best to have a car if you are traveling from out of state. Ramona is in the highlands about 50 minutes from San Diego International Airport.

Please Call Garet at 619.300.8002 with any questions about the requirements, accommodations, or concerns. Graduate students who are not yet licensed are encouraged and welcome to train now.

Riding Down Main Street

Admission and Registration

It is required that you participate in a 20-hour "Getting the Love You Want" Couples Workshop before, or shortly after beginning the training. We would like for you to attend with your intimate partner, or if you are single, you may participate with a friend or colleague. 

Clinical Track

The Clinical Track is designed for all who wish to become a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. This 96-hour training is designed for the new as well as the seasoned therapist. 

Graduate students in the fields of counseling/psychology/social work are welcome to attend, though you will not be eligible for certification until you are licensed.

The Structure of the Training is a powerful combination of theory, demonstration, and experiential practice and supervision. 

Learning occurs in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment. Each session is separated by two to three months to allow practice and integration of the material.


$4,000 includes:

  • 3 Modules or 12 days of the Basic Clinical Training required for certification
  • 4 days of supervision 
  • Attendance at one of Garet Bedrosian's 'Getting The Love You Want Workshops'
  • Review of your final tape for certification

Payment Plan Options (not refundable)

Clinical Training 

  • $4,000 before the start of training
  • $1,025 before each module
  • $350 per month for 12 months

Educator or Non-Therapist Track

  • $2000 before the start of training
  • $515 before each module
  • $175 for 12 months 

* Late Fees assessed. We calculate payments from the date of checkout. 

You Will Learn

  • To identify core relationship issues and how to get beneath the surface to the underlying wound. 
  • Powerful yet practical interventions to teach your couples about how to move from heartbreaking disconnection to healing connection.
  • There are no difficult couples, only couples that bring you to your growth edge.
  • How to develop consciousness about your own relationship dynamics and enhance intimacy